Why is WedLocal needed by the Bride and Groom?
Our wedding couples will be able to confidently make a decision based on their style needs and customer service reputations to ensure they receive the services and style promised in making their wedding day a success. 

Why is WedLocal needed by the vendors?

Vendors will be able to focus more on the art of their work and providing solid business practices while developing a reputation based on their clients' experiences. Vendors will receive exposure to a large group of brides and grooms that they may not have had otherwise and be able to respond to feedback from the clients.

At WedLocal we aim to support valuable and trusted relationships between the Bride and Groom and Local Vendors.  Our referral-based style allows for an easy and relaxed experience when our clients book with a vendor.  We have created a service with a specific focus on the current trends in the wedding industry, we tackle the stresses of both parties. Sourcing Locally is very important to us so we will only work with locally owned vendors for each market we enter.

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